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Teaching Kids Life IS Good Book Preview! (Click Here)


Teaching Kids Life IS Good is available for purchase on Amazon.


Below is a bit more about the book and a few sample pages.



If you are looking for an inexpensive, impactful, and fun gift for the kids in your life ages 2 - 8 (and their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, mentors, and guardians) this will be a great choice (and it's available on Amazon Prime for fast delivery!)  Teaching Kids Life IS Good creates an inspiring environment for spending time with children with a positive purpose that will last a lifetime! The book uses pictures of your own child to reinforce each vital affirmation. If you don't already have pictures of your child, you can take some just for this book, and that can be half the fun of it! Don't worry about perfect pictures, you can even just go out in your iPhone and snap a few and print them on your home printer.


These affirmations are not designed to create a pompous sense of inflated self confidence, but rather a universally recognized mix of beneficial character traits and healthy outlooks about life. The science and psychology behind the book is designed to aid in the development of children's attitudes and beliefs about themselves and the world, to build a healthy sense of confidence, character, and self-esteem.


About the Authors: Eric Alexander is an experienced youth mentor and business leader. Cher Crawford is a distinguished elementary school writing teacher. Together they created Teaching Kids Life IS Good to help young children develop a positive sense of character, confidence, and self-esteem.

The book was edited by Karyn Lindberg, formerly of Psychology Today, and Patty Brink, of the Florida Department of Children and Families. The team put their vast experience with positive psychology and early childhood development into every element of this book, and it has shown in the good times and positive results that are being experienced with the book.



The book pairs carefully crafted life-affirming statements with a place for adults to affix pictures of the child to match each set of affirmations (as shown above). So upon reading the book, the child will see an image of themselves actively participating in each affirmation, which greatly boosts the possibility of each idea taking root. This innovative step increases the power of each affirmation exponentially!


<Click here to order Teaching Kids Life IS Good on Amazon>

This blend of positive audible and visual stimuli provides a potent and effective affirmation for children. Adults and children can read the book out loud together as often as every night. Doing so provides a boost for children to reinforce in them that life is meant to be lived positively and abundantly.

This book will truly be a gift that keeps on giving, and should be a staple in every kids life. Teaching Kids Life IS Good applies many universally recognized positive philosophies and teachings, and is applicable to kids of all cultural and philosophical backgrounds.


(For bulk orders of 10 books or more for schools or child focused programs please contact me direct using the feedback form on the right side of this page) 

A Great Tip to Become a Better Everything

Success Light Bulb

This may be the best no-brainer formula I've ever heard on how to get better at pretty much everything... <-- Tweet this!

Similar to the last post, I'm not really sure where the original version of this story came from. It seems to have been adapted in many directions over the years - and even I have adapted it here. If you know who told the story originally please let me know and I will credit the original version.

The formula applies to most facets of life, and I've shared some possibilities in parenthesis, but I'll use the word "leader / leading" in my example. You can substitute any of the other options, or maybe even some that aren't in my suggested list.

So without further delay, here is a quick and highly effective 4-step formula to be an amazing (leader, friend, creator, mate, boss, coach, teacher, parent, etc...)


Is Your Glass Half Empty - Half Full - or Just Getting Too Heavy?

Glass Half Full

I don't know who originally told this story, but I have heard it a few times and wanted to share it.

A Harvard Professor of Psychology walked around a room full of students while teaching about stress management.

To begin his lecture he grabbed a glass of water and raised it above his head as if he was going to propose a toast, and instantly everyone expected they’d be asked if the glass was half empty or half full as part of the lesson. Instead though, with a smile on his face, the professor asked "How heavy is this glass of water?”


Are You Selfish (Enough)?

me time for myself

I fly a lot. Recently I was on a flight to Atlanta, and sitting next to me was a guy in his early 40's who told me that he was doing a little traveling while he was on paid leave from his job. I politely said that sounded nice and went back to my reading.


To Achieving Goals - Take Steps Forward

Matrix Hallway with Doors Accomplish Goals

We've all at some point set a goal during a moment of inspiration, only never to see it come to pass. Maybe this has even happened too many times to mention.  If that's true for you, the good news is at least you have goals and dreams that you want accomplish :-)  The worst case is when we totally lack initiative and inspiration, because that can be an indication that we aren't connected to our source and surroundings as much as we could be. So if you're asking these questions about goals, congrats, because it probably means you're at the precipice of fulfillment!  All you need is a quick pep talk on achieving those goals.

There are a number of resources already out there that go into a myriad of good practical steps to take toward accomplishing goals; one that I think is clear and concise is here or you can check out this list by Leo Babauta.  But what I wanted to do in this post was to purposefully avoid those lists of steps, and instead zero in on one particular step, which is just that - taking an inspired step. This action of taking an inspired step forward is the #1 most important precursor to all other steps in accomplishing a goal.   We can read book after book about chasing goals and dreams. We can pray, go to motivational seminars, and wish. We can talk to experts and set timetables.  But until we understand that we need to mentally and spiritually become inspired, and physically get out there and take tangible steps forward within that aura of inspiration, we will be stuck in the mire of analysis-paralysis.


Success Favors The Bold

Success Favors The Bold

When someone has achieved success at something extra-ordinary in life, it can often be directly tracked back to a bold move they've made. Rarely do amazing things result from the actions of a person who is always clinging to the safest bets and relying on the actuarial tables to lead them into the most lukewarm environments. More often than not success favors the bold. Especially when it's an inspired boldness.

Now admittedly, most of us can live fairly comfortable and secure lives by staying risk averse and flying below radar during challenging situations - but it's really not clear that such a life is ultimately fulfilling to us. Sometimes we are drawn to be bolder in order to extract more of that joy-producing goodness out of life!


How Much Worrying Is Too Much?

worry emoticonOne time I was working on a big deal at work. Winning or losing that deal had important implications for myself and the company's quarter, and I found myself obsessing about every little detail. I'd lay awake at night thinking and re-thinking my ideas and angles, and I found myself dedicating a significant amount of time on the weekend anxious about what may or may not happen, especially as various positions changed during negotiations. I believe a certain amount of concern is good because it forces us to do our very best and remain one step ahead of the action, but is there a point where the anxiety and worry just becomes too much?  ABSOLUTELY!


Find More Inspiration in Life

Crowded City Street Walking Meaning Success

by Eric Alexander Crawford                                                                         

As of today, there are nearly 7,000,000,000 people on earth, and there are two things that at least 6,999,999,999 of us are interested in knowing more about, which is finding meaning and inspiration in life.

I have written on these topics quite a bit, and because of that, today I wanted to take a slightly different tack from my usual posts in order to deliver you some of the best strategies I have found from friends and fellow travelers in this thing called life. The following are 8 Strategies To More Inspiration in Life

The points discussed are from a variety of folks who I think have a great perspective on the topic, and I hope that mixing these thoughts from a number of sources, by approaching the topic through a number of angles, offers some unconventional value on the subject (and I do paraphrase a word here and there in the quotes to help everything flow together well)...  Enjoy.

1) From Psychology Today author Thomas Plante comes our first step, Detachment.  This refers to "working to move away from problematic and sometimes debilitating behaviors that we have. These behaviors can prevent us from understanding and nurturing our gifts. These behaviors and tendencies might include consumerism, greed, workaholism, alcoholism, dysfunctional relationships, low self esteem, fear, anxiety, and a variety of other damaging addictions and behavior patterns that distract us from our inspiration in life. As well as prevent us from nurturing our gifts. These behaviors, attitudes, thoughts, and life circumstances are thus roadblocks to nurturing and using our gifts." We must do everything we can to be honest with ourselves and identify any of those aforementioned roadblocks that resonate with us as problems; and then deal with them head on and release them from our vibrations.


How to Stay Mentally In Shape and Boost IQ

Brain Synaptic Wiring SynapsesA key strategy to staying mentally "in shape" and actually improving our brain power is to continue to exercise our brains as we age. This type of exercise doesn't come from just thinking about the same things and dealing with the same situations that we normally encounter on a regular basis - although that is better than sitting around staring at a wall all day of course. Instead, real brain gains require exercises which are similarly structured as muscle exercise theories; they require variety and targeted approaches to see real improvements. Luckily, there are some very easy ways to do these.


Know Your Own Strength

Large Great Dane Doesn't Know His Own Strenght
Know Your Own Strength | Photo by:  Baster

Recently I saw a young boy walking a full grown Great Dane. He was telling the dog to sit and lay down over and over again, and he was being a bit unreasonable in his expectation of the dog to do the same tricks repeatedly. He was also being a bit hard on the dog and pulling him around by the collar in a rough manner. Luckily his parents stepped in to calm the boy down before someone else had to say something. 

In one regard, it's easy to think that the Great Dane didn't know his own strength. If he did, surely he would pull away from the boy and refuse being harassed, right? Maybe not actually, because there's so much to be said about temperament and conditioning. Most dogs have been bred for centuries based on the value of certain traits; some to be aggressive, and others to be docile and loyal no matter their physical size or strength. A wild coyote for instance would never put up with what that boy was doing to the Great Dane, but this 170lb Great Dane was taking it all in stride. We would obviously be much safer in a room with a Great Dane than with a wild coyote which is half its size, because the Great Dane thinks that his entire meaning in life is to please his owner... And we're pretty sure a coyote doesn't see things that way :-)


Do we have a moral obligation to help those in need?

oskar schindler i could have done more ring
Many of us have wondered at one point or another how much we should be doing to help those in need, and whether or not there's some kind of "moral obligation" to do so. It can be anything from an occasional $50 donation after a natural disaster, or getting formally trained to work professionally in a field that directly helps others. We may also wonder if we earn a decent income, how much of that should go to help others before we can allow ourselves to spend on luxuries guilt free?


Finding Your Own Personal Meaning of Life

Love is the Meaning of Life

A few years back I was a Friday night speaker at a teen outreach club in Tampa, FL. Each time I took the stage I would talk to a few hundred teens who had come to hang out in a safe environment, play some games, listen to some bands, and get a little inspiration in their lives. When I would give my talks I would focus simply on trying to instill some morality and purpose into the kids lives, in hopes that the lessons would sink in over time and they would choose to live more inspired and fulfilling lives. That experience provided many enlightenments, one which I want to share today.


Fear Based Decision Making

dont look down fear decision skydiving paradigmIntroducing the Allegory of Fear Based Decision Making and Thinking. How fear based decision making, paradigms, and thinking can greatly detract from one's true potential in life.

There was once a person named Mike who was afraid to skydive, and for years despite the urging of friends about how exhilarating and empowering it was to do it, Mike couldn't get up the courage to go for it. But then one day Mike got all his fears in check and mustered up the courage to do it. 


Mind Your Head - Improve Attitude, Increase Motivation, and Fuel Inspiration

Please Mind Your Head, Improve Attitude, Increase Motivation, Fuel Inspiration

British folks often use "mind your head" signs to warn about a wonky ceiling or dodgy doorways. And while that sign might very literally save you from a knot on your head, minding our head in a more figurative sense may be even more worthy of a sign. 

The good news is that both attitude and motivation are fires that burn within us naturally, and given the right fuel they flourish. But given the wrong fuel, or no fuel at all, they fizzle out. When attitude and joyfulness are high, inspiration usually comes as a natural side effect. The key is to continue to stoke the flames of that fire which burns within us using techniques and practices that are widely proven.


You Are What You Think

The Thinker Statue, You are what you think eat

There's a common saying of "you are what you eat," and in a literal sense that is true of the compounds we ingest and digest to rebuild our bodies.  But the "essence" of a person isn't related to where the amino acids come from to rebuild our bodies, as those could literally be from thousands of different sources of protein which offer the same building blocks via slightly different form factors.  However, who you are is more greatly identified by your personality and intent in life - and that being the case, we would be much better served to popularize the phrase "You Are What You Think." 

Can we all Live Long And Prosper like Dr. Spock on Star Trek?

Dr Spock star trek civilizations real dr spockMost people alive today have heard of Star Trek, and some of the colorful characters such as Dr. Spock (and his famous tagline of "Live Long and Prosper").  And at some point most of us have probably wondered if some of the gadgets and technologies that they've featured on the series could be implemented in reality (medical body scanners for instance???) But how many of us have ever wondered about the existence of varying types of intelligent civilizations across our vast universe - which could have evolved in very different ways than our own - physically, emotionally, and spiritually? Could there be other planets where all the inhabitants live long and prosper? Ones where the inhabitants aren't plagued by one iota of selfishness, yet possesses the ambition and intelligence to have created a society far more advanced than ours? One where individual ambition is rewarded - yet no man, woman, or child is left behind. And no man or woman with the ability to contribute allows themself to be a drain on the system? (and if that's just to crazy for you to even imagine, just accept it as a Straw Man for a moment). 


Get Some Perspective ... Courtesy Of Our Universe

need to get some perspective from our universe

At times we all need a little perspective in life - and where better than to look than at our very own universe to deliver on that.

When I was a kid I loved Dr. Spock on Star Trek - and the adventures those Star Trek fleets would take gave me a great curiosity about the vastness of our universe. For instance, think about the simple Speed of Light, which travels at a break-neck rate of 186,000 miles per second. The fastest airplane on earth can only travel 2 miles per second. Our Earth is 25,000 miles around, which means that a beam of light can travel around the Earth over 7 times in one single second (only Superman could beat that)! And at that speed, that same ray of light can travel 700 million miles in an hour, or 5.9 trillion (that’s Trillion with a T) miles in a year, which is where we get the unit of measurement called a Light-year. To put into perspective how big of a number a TRILLION is, it has only been about a billion minutes since the year 1 A.D... 


BrainFarts and LifeFarts

BrainFarts and LifeFarts
Recently I found myself staring at my laptop screen at an empty Google search box, with a little cursor blinking curiously in that search box. As I looked at it I tried to recall what I was trying to search for in the first place. Then I realized that I had three things going on at one time and had gotten distracted, which made me totally lose my train of thought. In other words, I had suffered a good ol' fashioned BrainFart as they say. The experience was sort of like a PC having a bunch of windows open and then the thing just locks because it's processing too much information at one time.

After a few minutes passed by it occurred to me that in a more general sense that we rarely find what we're looking for in life when we lose sight of what it was that we were looking for in the first place. This phenomenon could be called a "LifeFart." In other words, when we start out our lives with pretty interesting pursuits and enthusiasm, but so much starts happening that we get all jammed up into survival mode and lose site of what those simply joys even were. 


Big Picture Thinking = Think Big by Thinking Small

Big Picture Thinking, Think Big by Thinking Small, Think Big

The terms, "Think Big" and "Big Picture Thinking" are very common sentiments in our society today. There's no shortage of people who wish they could save the world, live the life of their dreams, stamp out hunger, or be the best at whatever they do - and that's great!  But what often happens is that the one's who think big without thinking small, usually get nowhere at all. Or if they do achieve a result, their path is often wrought with collateral damage throughout the process of pushing through without the much needed inspiration along the way. It's one thing to have dreams and aspirations, and its another to actually realize those aspirations with joy.


What's the Point of Life?

Point of Life Meaning Purpose

Have you ever played a game without knowing the point?  Probably not, because after-all, that would be, well...point-less...wouldn't it? The crazy thing though, is that so many of us live our very lives without thinking very deeply about the point of life, and I would like to propose that the point of life is to follow our joy and inspiration, and to be of value to others. That's it. 

Death of a Salesman Cover Willy LomanOne of the plays that made an impression on me as a youth was Death of a Salesman by playwright Arthur Miller. In this play, the lead character Willy Loman is obsessed with his legacy. Being the best, being well known, and having many people attend to his funeral was Willy's definition of a winning life. In one scene of the play Willy is talking to a friend about what his funeral will be like (and the impression it will make on his son who he is having problems getting to respect him). In that dialogue he says to his friend Ben: "...that funeral will be massive! They'll come from Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire! All the old-timers with the strange license plates -- that boy will be thunderstruck, Ben, because he never realized -- I am known! Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey -- I am known, Ben, and he'll see it with his eyes once and for all." To Willy, that would be how he would eventually gain the respect of his son and validate his life's work.


What's your Moon Mission? How we put the first man on the moon...

First Man on the moon walking

A little food for thought... In 1961, President Kennedy announced that the United States was committed to the goal of landing the first man on the Moon by the end of that decade, which would give them 9 years to pull it off. And as we all know now, the mission was accomplished with Neil Armstrong's "one small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind."

At the time of the mission, the average age of a person in mission control was just 26 years old. Gene Kranz, the Mission Director who originally called Kennedy's ambition an "impossible dream," was only 35 years old - and he was known as the "old man in the room." Let me repeat that just in case you missed it, the veteran mission director of the project to land human beings on the moon was only 35 years of age. By any standards what they pulled off was a modern marvel of human ingenuity.


How Can I Take Control Of My Thoughts?....

Thought Cloud, Take Control Of Your ThoughtsA worthwhile pursuit for all of us is to learn how to better take control of our thoughts. And as most of us already know from experience, when we have idle time on our hands, we often spend some (or much) of that time worrying about things. Worry can be the greatest thief of our joy and peace in life, and there's a better way. 

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